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Mobile Security

The Mobile Security challenge is simple: customers, employees, and partners expect to do business wherever they are, in the most convenient way possible and expect their transactions and data to be secure.

Why Web Application Security?

The Mobile Security challenge is simple: customers, employees, and partners expect to do business wherever they are, in the most convenient way possible and expect their transactions and data to be secure. Whether it is banking, making online purchases, or simply checking a flight schedule, people are using mobile technology in every conceivable way. Protecting those users – regardless of device type – is imperative. To help companies manage the ever-changing security challenges associated with mobile devices and to stay abreast of the latest threats and attack trends, DOISS has assembled a team of mobile security experts who conduct research as part of the DOISS Labs.


Mobile Application Assessment

Mobile application assessments have become a critical part of an effective security program. For an enterprise that wants to move mission-critical applications to mobile devices, or for ISVs who want to take a share of the mobile app market, mobile application security testing is a crtical assessment. . We will develop a unique threat model and business profile of your mobile applications and using specialized tools and techniques that target applications deployed on mobile devices, we will execute a technical security assessment and identify specific security concerns. We will translate these findings into business risks and provide both tactical and programmatic guidance. Our expertise in application security and risk management will allow us to dive deeply into the emerging technologies and translate our findings to enable business decisions.


Mobile Security Framework Maturity Assessment

Our Mobile Security Framework provides a comprehensive view of an organization’s readiness and maturity to support the mobile-enabled enterprise in a manner aligned with risk tolerance. An assessment against the framework and resulting roadmap enables organizations to plan strategic investments and tactical measures to align with mobile-enabled business models.

Mobile Device Forensics

DOISS provides mobile-device-focused incident response and forensic services that enable organizations to investigate and answer difficult questions about possible fraud, misuse, or sophisticated cyber-attacks. Our forensic team will evaluate data stored on a device, including data that may have been deleted but not entirely destroyed, and collect forensically sound details on data accessed and activities performed. Our services also extend beyond traditional post-incident analysis. We work with organizations to create practical, actionable response plans, approaches for ongoing monitoring and logging, and eDiscovery compliance strategies that can produce significant time and cost savings when crisis strikes.

Mobile Strategy, Policy and Risk Management

Finding the right balance between control and agile adoption of emerging mobile technologies is a challenge. DOISS helps organizations build an intelligent approach to manage mobility-related risks. Mobile security strategy is built on coordinated development of both long-term and tactical security approaches across technology selection, mobile application architecture, and protection of data in mobile and cloud computing contexts.

Multi-Network Stack Assessment (Bluetooth, NFC, Wifi, GSM, UMTS, Etc.)

A modern mobile device has several different networking connections on it that have to be both reliable and as secure as possible. Whether Wifi, GSM, CDMA, UMTS, NFC, or a completely different networking technology, DOISS experts can inspect the security of these stacks to identify potential security issues. Aimed at device manufacturers and network carriers, our network stack assessments take a deep-dive analytical approach that includes threat modeling, code review, and over-the-air penetration assessment in order to identify security exposures. We also assess relevant code and attempt to circumvent security protocols over-the-air to determine potential security issues with device or network communications.

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